The economist: the criminalization of

Employers out of fear of being punished for “grey” salary in General can stop hiring people. Commented the correspondent of “Rosbalt” economist Pavel Usanov the initiative of Senator Anatoly Artamonov on the introduction of criminal liability for “gray” wages, regardless of their size.

“it Will be much worse if people lose their jobs out of fear their employers to the prison. I think the choice between two options — the “gray” wages or unemployment — are obvious, — said the economist. But officials now apparently need to find scapegoats in the form of irresponsible employers. Yes, some people in crisis do not the best way to behave. But it is easier to declare that they are enemies.”

Usanov noted that most of such deals hurt the middle segment, in which the percentage of “gray area” above.

“However, the suggestion of the Senator will be at the level of rhetoric. Just the fact that the request for such rhetoric is now”, — concluded the economist.

In 2019, the report of the government of the Russian Federation mentioned that the volume of “grey” salaries in Russia reaches 10 trillion rubles a year.

we will Remind, the Federation Council member Anatoly Artamonov proposed to prosecute companies for paying “gray” salaries regardless of its size. Now responsible only for “grey” payments from 100 thousand roubles and above. The Senator introduced a proposal in the national action plan for the normalization of business life, to restore employment, incomes and economic growth.

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