The fitness coach explained why you can't exercise in the mask

to Engage in any sport in a medical mask is not necessary, in this case it’s more harm than good. This opinion with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” said Catherine, St. Petersburg fitness trainer with an experience of 18 years.

“to Wear masks and gloves during training was invented by people quite far removed from the sport. During physical activity dramatically increases the ventilation of the lungs and the heart and the muscles begin to demand more oxygen for their work. We inhale more oxygen and exhale more carbon dioxide. And the more intense the exercise, the more oxygen demand,” explains the coach.

the Process of intensive absorption of oxygen continues at the end of the workout within an hour.

“If a person is engaged in the mask to perform certain exercises or riding a Bicycle — it loses oxygen, but breathes back in carbon dioxide, poisoning your body,” said Catherine.

Fitness instructor emphasizes that the main consumer of oxygen in addition to the heart is the brain.

“It weighs 2% of the total body, but it consumes 20% of oxygen entering the body. While wearing the mask, the amount of oxygen generally decreases, which may cause the risk of death of brain cells,” warns the coach.

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