The health Ministry has recommended not to include in the statistics on coronavirus cases without complaint

Citizens who have found a new type of coronavirus, but there are no complaints, should not be included in statistics of morbidity. This follows from the methodological recommendations of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, published on the Agency’s website.

“In case of detection of the virus in the absence of complaints, objective and additional information this state should be regarded as carriers of the virus and to encode the category Z22.8. Such cases in the statistics of morbidity and mortality not included”, — the document States.

This column indicates the diagnosis of “Carriage of the pathogen COVID-19”. The diagnosis of “COVID-19 test positive for the virus” in the recommendations of the agencies listed under the heading U07.1

Recommendations of the Ministry of health also relate to the determination of causes of death in people with coronavirus. According to them, COVID-19 always need to specify the causes of death if identified in a patient.

the Diagnosis of “COVID-19” is established on the basis of typical complaints, history and information about additional methods of examination of the person.

All cases of death cases COVID-19 will be divided into two groups: “cases where COVID-19 is selected as the underlying cause of death; cases where COVID-19 choose as other causes of death, including when COVID-19 is essential in the development of the underlying disease and its deadly complications.” The recommendations developed by the working group of the Ministry, and sent them to the regions.

according to RBC with reference to the chief freelance pathologist, Ministry of health George Frank, coronavirus infection affects the course of certain chronic diseases and may lead to its exacerbation. At the same time, he said, citizens COVID-19 can die from other illnesses, diseases or accidents. And that, said Frank, should not be considered a death from coronavirus and should be included in the corresponding statistics section.

According according to the Information center to monitor the situation with coronavirus (ICC), only RF was 370 680 thousand thousand 3 cases and 968 deaths.

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