The investigation took 10 years to solve the murder of the citizens of St. Petersburg

City court of St. Petersburg convicted the natives of the Rostov region Victor Borschev and Denis Zhdanov in the murder of a decade ago. Woman panicked during the kidnapping of your own car, and it cost her her life. Details told to the United press service of the courts of the city.

the Story began in August 2010. The men decided to take over someone else’s Ford Focus, parked at the house on the Avenue of Veterans. Inside was a woman.

“Partners demanded that the victim and. left the car, but from the shock she got scared, screamed and began to call for help”, — noted in press service.

as a result, Zhdanov piling on the lady, holding her mouth, and Borschev drove the car. Attackers at the same time inspected the bag of the victim, took the money, a gold ring and demanded the pin code from the Bank card. Along the way, they ran into the Bank, withdrew the full amount of 21 thousand rubles. In total was stolen 31 thousand 250 rubles.

“After the partners were afraid of responsibility for the crime, borschiv hands he struck at least three blows to the face of the victim, then, with one hand clasped round the neck of the victim, and the other covered her mouth and nose, blocking the access of oxygen,” — said the press service of the courts.

the Lady lost consciousness, and the criminals drove the car into the woods and placed the woman in the trunk. Borschev wounded the victim in the neck — apparently a fatal blow. The car the attackers returned to the Avenue of Veterans, and they themselves fled.

the Investigation took nine years to reach the culprits, another year on trial. Looking for men through social networks and noted the similarity of the pictures from the cameras. The culprits were detained on 12 March 2019 in St Petersburg and the Rostov region.

borschiv and Zhdanov admitted to the crime, but to say anything at meetings declined. The judge appointed guestroomsthey’re 18 years of imprisonment in a penal colony.

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