The Network collected signatures for a petition demanding the release of Ilya Azar, and all those detained during the pickets

Edition “the New newspaper” published on the website the petition, which demanded to release all arrested journalists and activists, including those previously released in a single picket in support of the newspaper special correspondent Ilya Azar. The call is addressed to GU MVD of Russia in Moscow. “For the second time after “case Golunova” authorities have declared war on journalists. This time by allying coronavirus”, — was stated in the petition. Earlier, the special correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” Ilya Azar were arrested for 15 days for a single picket near the building of the municipal Department of internal Affairs of Moscow on Petrovka, 38. Following this to the action of solidarity of journalists were arrested and received a summons in the courts of Victoria Ivlev, Sergey Smirnov, Tatyana Felgengauer, Alexander ivy, Michael Fishman (in Moscow). Similar actions took place in St. Petersburg. The day before for the same action activist, was arrested Victor Nemytov. Both Victor Nemytov and Ilya Azar and opposed the criminal prosecution of “police Ombudsman” Vladimir Vorontsov. Read more about the situation with Vorontsov read here. “Arresting a journalist, the government de facto declared war on the members of the profession. We have no way to evade this challenge: to voluntarily recognize the Kremlin (power? law enforcers?) the right to imprison people for the expression of citizenship, no one is going. Of course, a single picket not a crime, it is difficult to find signs of “mass actions,” violations epidemiological norms or the infamous “obstacles to the free movement of citizens”, — stated in the petition. — We are outraged by the illegal actions of the authorities. We demand freedom for those wrongfully imprisoned journalists and activists”. Add that to demand the release of detainees pickets in Moscow, the activists were also made by the representative of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on freedom of the media Harlem Desir and the Commissioner Withthe Council of Europe on human rights, Dunja Mijatovic.

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