The Petersburg Deputy has opposed the return of prophylactic examinations and dispensarization

the city residents with chronic diseases have a sufficient help, but prophylactic medical examination and preventive examinations are premature. Such opinion in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by the Deputy of the city legislative Assembly Alexander Egorov.

According to him, the pandemic is still not possible to remove all restrictions on the admission into medical institutions. Thus patients with cancer, diabetes and other significant diseases receive expert help in sufficient volume, the parliamentarian said.

“is Suspended also preventive examinations not pursue a therapeutic goal when a person has something hurts, when it needs to undergo treatment or to consult for an extension. When prophylactic examinations and dispensarization the detection rate is low enough, though, and allows to identify problems at an early stage,” — said Yegorov.

According to him, suspension for a few months, such procedures do not impact seriously on General health of citizens.

“When in St.-Petersburg obligatory masono-glove mode is saved when the incidence of coronavirus more than three hundred people a day, it is illogical. Therefore, it is better not to get Kovalam than a very small number of people to identify any chronic disease,” concluded the Deputy.

we will Remind, in Petersburg at the time of a pandemic, limited routine medical activities: examination, medical examination, vaccination. In may, some measures have mitigated, for example, helped to instill in children to explore the doctors workers in employment. Patients with the acute form of the disease doctors continue to accept.

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