The political scientist explained why Putin is rushing to vote on the Constitution

to Postpone the vote on the amendments to the Constitution to the normalization of the epidemiological situation for the government would be risky. Such opinion to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” was expressed by Andrey Shcherbak, head of the Department of applied political science, HSE campus in St. Petersburg.

“the Government thinks so: it’s now or never. Autumn, background information may be significantly more negative than in summer. First, over a 6-month unpaid leave, most employees and employers on employment law will have to fire them. Secondly, over a period of moratorium on bankruptcy of companies. These waves of layoffs and bankruptcies will create a not too favourable background, which will accompany any socio-political processes,” — said the analyst.

According to him, in the summer people have always better mood, in addition, many are cottages, and so turnout is expected.

“at the expense of loyal state employees mobilized in power will get the results that you need. Also in the summer will still hear the echo of social benefits, which the President promised the people from mid-spring during the next three months. All this positive background,” — said Andrey Shcherbak.

the Analyst is confident that if the vote on the amendments to the Constitution was postponed for a longer period, this would create a situation of uncertainty and turbulence.

“the Exact date of the parade, the March of the Immortal regiment, voting returns the visibility of the regularity of our lives. Although, given that we have closed restaurants, hairdresser, most companies, considering the closed borders, unemployment and the mortality rate from coronavirus — there is a feeling that the vote is highly premature,” sums up Shcherbak.

we will Remind, Vladimir Putin has declared July 1, a day of voting on amendments to the Constitution, which include tramplingka abolish presidential terms. In Russia at the moment, was 414 878 cases, 175 877 recovered, 4 died 855.

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