The Russians demanded an objective investigation of the shooting of Yekaterinburg sobrovtsami

the Russians sign a petition calling for a thorough, objective and impartial investigation of murder of the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg.

may 31, he was shot in an apartment house by law enforcement officials, who launched a special operation to detain a “dangerous offender,” recalls the author of the petition.

According to police, he stole the store four rolls of Wallpaper totaling eight thousand. “As a result of the event, the man died from the bullets of police without a trial! Shot at the front door of the apartment from the outside, then broke down the door and burst into the apartment, immediately shooting a young man – Vladimir Taushanova in the presence of his father. The mother stood at the door, but cobrowse not let her into the apartment,” the author writes.

in addition, the petition calls for the responsibility of all involved persons, from the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva.

Recall that after this high profile incident in Russia and first place in the trends of Russian Twitter came the hashtag #RussianLivesMatter by analogy with the #BlackLivesMatter, which weeks remain in trends because of the protests in the United States. There are protests, sometimes turning into riots after the death in Minneapolis at the hands of police of African-American George Floyd.

In Moscow held a series of pickets against police violence. The participants were detained.

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