The scientists found the fish the ability to experience depression

the Ural scientists in the international group, the world’s first created a model of despair on the basis of data on fishes of zebrudaya (Danio rerio) and tested on this model, drugs for depression.

As reported in a press-service of the Ural Federal district, the researchers were fastened to the tails of fish in a sponge and immersing them for 5 minutes in a glass under the action of the classical antidepressants, amitriptyline and sertraline, the researchers examined the frequency and total amplitude of zebrudaya, and the length of their fading. In addition to the solution of antidepressants, to check used low-voltage electric current, the pheromone of anxiety and antianxiety drug (tranquilizer) phenazepam.

it Turned out that phenazepam did not change the behavior of the fish, the shock and alarm pheromone reduced the activity of the fish, and antidepressants increased her that, according to scientists, indicates a decline in level of despair.

“first, we first found the fish zebrudaya the phenomenon of despair. Second, it determined that the use of antidepressants in respect of zebrudaya experiencing despair, leads to approximately the same changes as in the effects of antidepressants in rodents and humans. Thus, we “pushed” the model of despair, based on learned helplessness, on 340 million years: the first jawed fish appeared during the evolution of 400 million years ago, rodents — 60 million years ago”, — explained the creators of the model, head of research group, leading researcher of the laboratory for advanced research in petroleum chemistry, chemical technology and biotechnology Urfa Alan Kaloev and senior researcher of the laboratory of biological psychiatry of the Institute of translational Biomedicine, St. Petersburg, Konstantin Demin.

the Study showed that despair is far more ancient mechanism than hitherto considered.

Earlier antidepressants were tested on gryzunov, however, that depression is so ancient origins, targets for treatment must be sought in the conservative molecular mechanisms that are common to fish, rodents and human.

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