The St. Petersburg hospital fined for violation of sanitary rules during a pandemic

the Kirov district court has brought to administrative responsibility for City hospital No. 14. As have informed in United a press-service of the courts of St. Petersburg, the medical institution has violated existing health rules and has not fulfilled control measures during a pandemic for COVID-19.

the press service noted that the hospital staff did not register in the Center of hygiene and epidemiology of the death of patient with nosocomial pneumonia. Were not taken into account the contact person at the emergency room with a sick new coronaviruses infection.

the clinic is not introduced restrictive measures, the patient recovered from COVID-19, issued in PNI No. 9; approved the release of patients outside the wards and branches of the courtyard.

a hospital spokesman and the defender did not admit guilt. According to them, violations are not true, the arguments of officials in the Protocol are unfounded and nothing confirmed. They asked to stop the proceedings and noted that the income of the hospital for the last three months declined sharply, the institution is in a difficult financial position.

the Court, after reviewing the submissions, rule out some irregularities. In particular, it was found that the deceased patient was not tested for COVID-19, as there was no evidence. And the Observatory on the 17th of April in the hospital could not arrange, because the decision on the introduction of restrictive measures, the physician received only the evening of 18 April.

However, the hospital will have to pay a minimum fine of 100 thousand rubles.

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