The stories of people about visions at the moment of clinical death shocked scientists

Researchers in Israel have tried to explain how the brain works before his death. To do this, they collected the stories of patients who have experienced clinical death, and also acquired a near-death experience in life-threatening situations such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, shootings and car accident.

Scientists have not been received from the respondents “traditional” descriptions floating above my body, moving in a tunnel towards the white light, the appearance of mystical figures resembling angels — but this is not surprising, because such data still has not been able to confirm scientifically. At the same time the experience of participants in their study were also mostly the same: for example, people said that in the moments between life and death time, as it “freezes” or “stretched”.

For a moment, which turned over the car, the victims “were able to view several visions” reminiscent of a movie about their way of life, writes Some images were scary, which experts associated with a huge release of adrenaline in the blood.

I experienced clinical death had a different experience: the patients “felt that they can “take root” in people who see and feel other people’s emotions.”

From a scientific point of view, such visions due to the fact that responsible for emotions and memories to the prefrontal cortex, temporal and parietal lobes of the brain “longer retain the blood supply”.

Earlier it was reported that the dream about people before I die.

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