The wife of the father-the pedophile from Himozi returned one of five children

Wife accused of pedophilia in Himozi (Gatchina district of the Leningrad region) Svetlana Lobodu returned one of five children, who were in the orphanage. This at a press conference, TASS said Commissioner on the rights of the child in the Leningrad region Tamara Litvinova.

One of the children lives with the mother in St. Petersburg, where they have their own apartment and a child there zaregistrirovan. According to Litvinova, the issue of family Bovt is still in control of the regional bodies of guardianship and guardianship. She noted that the investigation of “high profile cases” to halt the pandemic and coronavirus absence of any documents, including birth certificates.

the children’s Mother and girlfriend of Andrew Bovt Svetlana Lobodu said that was afraid of her husband. After his arrest, she began to fight for kids in court. In early March, the Gatchina city court has heard the evidence of children and considered the claim on Lobodyuk intention to take all the children under their care.

we will Remind, the inhabitant of the village Himozi Andrew Bovt was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse of a minor daughter. The investigators believe that the girl was raped for seven years, from 2012. In the house of the suspect also found an Arsenal of firearms.

media reported that the wife men Svetlana Lobodu is his cousin. With his family, the wife of the molester not been in touch for 20 years.

the Suspect confessed to the rape of his daughter and possession of weapons explained to business need. The man declined to comment where he works.

the Family raised eight children, six of them at the time of arrest was a minor. The children never went to school, studied independently, with the help of the mother. On walks outside of the site wouldn’t let them go. They told me that the father beat the mother, physically punished the boys, but girls did not touch. On weapons stored at home the children did not know.

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