There was a petition in defense of Orenburg, which forcibly took four children

On the online platform there was a petition on behalf of the mothers of the Orenburg region, which act to protect the rights of mothers from Dombarovsky district, which took away four children.

Earlier in the village of Tulip may 27 — family seized four children out of five. In social networks and spread the video, which shows how the police and the employee of bodies of guardianship the power to take the struggling mother of a small child whom she was holding, and then handcuff her.

the Author and the supporters of the petition believe such an attitude is unacceptable. “We demand to return children to their families, to help parents with the house work and all necessary and carry out testing against officials involved in the mayhem in front of the children, and to prosecute the perpetrators,” the statement says.

“We do not agree that the guardianship turned into the secret police. We do not agree with what we have in Russia is a phenomenon as a social orphanhood. Leave the family alone. Mothers should be to support, honor and respect. Officials do not want to help families? It is easier to put children in an orphanage or hospital? The family is the cell of society and the Foundation of the state. Until this attitude towards families,children and mothers, we will feel unhappy and do not need our state,” — says the author.

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