Wards of the psycho-neurological boarding schools, were evacuated at the time of a pandemic, there will be

people with severe disabilities, the wards of the charity organization “Prospects” who were evacuated from orphanages at the time of the pandemic will be a “House forever”. The project was supported by VTB Bank to allocate resources to the main article necessary expenses — the purchase of real estate (house or apartment).

the Initiative “House of forever” was announced in early June. For its implementation required 12 million roubles. The project aims to give a chance to people with disabilities to stay home and not return to the walls of the boarding schools in eternal isolation.

“this is a huge injustice when we rejoice in the freedom of movement and communication, the residents of the STUMPS will have to go back over the high fence boarding schools in eternal isolation. However, together we can help “Prospects” to leave impoverished (vulnerable) children and adults with disabilities in the “house in the wild”, where they continue to live in their home environment and with due care”, — said the artists of the Russian academic youth theatre (RAMT), supporting the project.

“We can’t leave all participants to “escape” the “Prospects”, but should try not to return to boarding schools, at least those for whom the consequences can be catastrophic, said Executive Director Spbboo “Prospects,” says Catherine Taranchenko. — It is primarily children who were taken out of the orphanage, and young adults from the intensive care psycho-neurological boarding school”.

“Prospects” need to collect another $ 3 million 753 thousand 110 rubles (according to the June 16) in the arrangement of future housing and to support the boys by the staff and volunteers.

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